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Have you ever wanted to travel to another country and feel like you are making a positive impact to it? Or have you ever wanted to work in close contact with the animals and people of East Africa? Or have you even wanted to explore East Africa not as a tourist but as someone who is making a positive contribution to their environment?


"We believe in the study and conservation of African wild animals in their natural environment, the lobbying for the conservation of endangered species, the upgrade of international awareness for this cause through recruitment of volunteers to our many projects and the support with assistance to private and national parks in Kenya which are fighting against poaching.
Throughout the year Projects and Placements.

Our Community projects targets the Maasai Communities in the areas of Samburu District and surrounded by the Samburu National Park and reserve where Human and wildlife conflict is very High!
Samburu Identity: Natural disasters and insensitive government mandates have plagued the Samburu. Droughts reduce the amount of available pasture and the number of cattle is reduced through natural, though at times abnormal, selection with resulting reduction of the wealth, status and stature of family groups.

Schools: Primary, Secondary, special schools and Universities. Full School term: 3Months University Semester: 6-12 Months Special schools: 3-12 Months Extras: School Drama classes, Scout Movement, Education Tours and Culture orientation Qualifications needed: non
Opportunities for Everyone in Kenya.

An opportunity to snorkel with Green Sea Turtles during the day, swim with Sperm Whales and Common Dolphins while monitoring the Indian Ocean White-Sided Dolphins, Wolf Eels, and Giant Octopus
The project aims to develop a fine-scale, systematic conservation plan for the marine environment of the Watamu Marine Park.

About Our Programs and Projects
We are the travellers that make impact on societies.
We liaise with local organizations that require volunteer assistance in the teaching fields, conservation and community development programs, and other projects that have been neglected and abandoned due to many factors and do our level best to raise public awareness, complete school building structures, help in capture and rescue programs in parks and reserves, educate the less privileged and the orphans, donate food, water and other essentials to poor communities, build toilet facilities and educational structures.
Our projects are based on the grassroots level and all those that participate get an opportunity to get up close and personal with the local communities, learning more about their cultures and traditions while offering a helping hand in the areas so mentioned for the well being of globalization and project completion. .
We welcome everyone that believes in adventure, inspiration, motivation and sensitization.

Who can Apply?
Anyone can participate in our programs including
% - Teachers
% - Students
% - zoologists
% - Graduates
% - Economists
All that have a passion to assist and give an extra helping hand to our society.